christian chu

Christian Chu

Welcome to our Levitate Restaurant, the place that I and my team have dedicated to enhancing your senses.

One of my principles is that one has to do what he or she loves in their life. Just with such an approach, anything can be done really well. I have been moving between pots and pans since I was fourteen years of age. My passion for cooking has succeeded in combining my passion for traveling and exploration. In Levitate, I use knowledge from my roots that are in Asia, but the European environment has a major influence on my approach to cooking, and it also constantly motivates me to find and discover new and other possibilities.

The big and varied world of Asian cuisine has been shaped by me for many years in the fine-dining Prague’s restaurants. Connect a responsible and moderate Nordic approach to raw materials with Asian variety of colors, flavors and aromas have been done right in my own Levitate restaurant. Now it is up to you to enjoy my results by yourself.

Comfortably sit down, relax and enjoy the unique Levitate experience through all your senses.

Miroslav Šole

I met Christian at the beginning of 2019 and even though we are of different ages and backgrounds we share the same values when it comes to fine dining. I admire his enthusiasm and determination to be the best.

For 20 years I worked for the largest catering company in the world, the British Compass Group. I was a member of the board of directors of this company for Europe and Japan. So I was constantly traveling and in touch with the finest dining in the world. I directly managed 700 restaurants in 5 countries with 7000 employees.

I co-operated with the best chefs and met regulary with Paul Bocus, the King of 20th century chefs. I have been in touch with greats like Albert Roux, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck from the US.

I am very glad that I can now use all my knowledge to support Christian and the whole team and see my expertese put into practice. I work as manager, coach and mentor. Last but not least I am quality eveluator to Christian. I participate in the continuous development of new meals because I am also a cook.

Our aim is to present to our guests a truly modern cuisine experience, full of surprises and on par with exclusive fine dining restaurants throughout the world.

Miroslav sole

Our philosophy

One of the foundations of modern Nordic cuisine is maximum use of local ingredients to the last bit.

It tells us that we should take an interest not only in what we eat and where we eat it, but also in how close it grows or is grown. When it arrives on the plate, each ingredient must be clearly distinguishable and comprehensible. Nevertheless, their combination must always embody something new and surprising.

Modern gastronomy provides us with limitless opportunities. To search, try out, discover, combine, find, and offer. And thus to create unique experiences.

Experiences that we want to convey to everyone who wants to enjoy quality food and savour it in a pleasant atmosphere reminiscent of Nordic nature.